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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”


When summer is here, you’re bound to go to a few parties. As daylight extends to the later hours of the day, we can revel in these moments with our cherished friends and families to commemorate time together for Christmas and other special occasions that arise. Christmas is the time to be merry, and end a great year on a high note.

Our cooked-to-order package offer dishes that can be delivered right to your door-step, with meals enjoyed in the comfort of your own home – perfect for gatherings and all sorts of events. Perhaps take a look at our on-site catering service which offers our experienced chef Irwan to prepare delicious dishes at your given venue, a package that exclusively is inclusive of wait-staff. Have a further look on our site today.

You bring the Christmas spirit and we will do the rest. We wish you a lovely and special Christmas. Contact us if you need any catering assistance.

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Fig & Lime Catering: Wayne's 50th

Wayne’s 50th birthday celebration couldn’t have been better last Saturday night. Surrounded by 55 of his closest friends and family, the beach theme was a strong element of the party, as was the delicious stream of Fig & Lime dishes that flowed throughout the momentous night.

Fig & Lime Catering: Wayne's 50th

Guests enjoyed selections from Package B – Menu 1: Seafood Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Curry Puffs with Mint-Yoghurt Dipping Sauce, Chicken Golden Ships, Crumbed Barramundi Fish Strips, Chicken & Pork Sate, Chicken & Prawn Dumplings, Beef Rendang Curry and Chicken Padthai

Fig & Lime Catering: Wayne's 50th


What a great event!

Fig & Lime Catering: Wayne's 50th

Hope Community Care

Hope Church 2508 Logo

We are proud to support ‘Hope Community Care’, a program started by Hope Church 2508 that serves for the wider Helensburgh community. The aim of this program seeks to enrich the lives of residents of the town and also local organisations by their direct support. One of the many projects ‘Hope Community Care’ has established is their ‘Pantry Club’. For many families that struggle to put food on their table, the ‘Pantry Club’ aids in providing food items more accessibly for them.

Our association with the ‘Pantry Club’ contributes 10% of every Fig & Lime Catering service or event to support their mission.

See how you can also make a difference by visiting their site: Food Pantry

Jason & Odette’s Event

In the light of their house auction success, Jason and Odette threw an intimate party to celebrate with 28 of their closest friends and family on Saturday night. A classy soirée, with drinks and Fig & Lime Catering goodies flowing through, the night was one to remember for all that attended.

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Guests enjoyed a selection of dishes from our Package B menu: Spring Rolls, Money Bags, Chicken Sate, Dumplings, Sang Choi Bao and Lamb Gulai Curry.

We had a blast catering for their event and wish them all the very the best in their future endeavours.

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Our Top 10 Party Plannning Tips for You

Fig and Lime Catering Blog Party Planning Tips

The warmer seasons are upon us and what better time than now to begin planning the ultimate party. Whether it be a: birthday, get-together, anniversary, hens/bucks night or engagement, here are 10 of the best tips using a step-by-step guide to help get you get the party started.

  1.  Plan Ahead

It all starts with timing, planning your party ahead is simply the best way to get the ball rolling. At this point in the party planning process you will have jotted some ideas down and have drawn up what kind of party you want to throw. A mood board or note pad is an effective way to store ideas and get the creative juices flowing. Another thing to consider is timing, planning the timing of your party is essential and will give you a time indicator of when your party will be held and also allow your guests to ‘save the date’.

  2.  Organising

We all know that organisation is key in planning for your party; I’d like to introduce you to my friend the ‘to-do list’. We have been great friends for quite some time and I always find that this is my saving grace when it comes to organising. Writing a list of all the things you need to organise will aid in mapping out your plans from mind to paper and hopefully the ‘to-do list’ be your best friend too.

  3.  Venue

As you get more excited about planning your party, it’s time to think about the venue. The venue is always one of the fun parts in this party planning process, from home, a function hall or perhaps an outdoor setting; the possibilities are endless. Choose a venue that you are comfortable with, and that is also accessible for your guests and suppliers. As caterers we simply require a small corner of space (i.e. garage) to do our food preparation.

  4.  Theme

Setting the theme of your event is the next step. From the low-key to the more extravagant of themes such as: cocktail, black-tie, Alice in wonderland, 80’s party theme (just to name a few); the choice is yours. The exceptional part in this process is you get to have fun and really be creative in coming up with the kind of theme for your party. It’s all about imagination and truly something you can get your guests excited about.

  5.  Décor

Now that you have selected your theme of choice, it’s time to start shopping or perhaps make your own D.I.Y décor. Adorn your venue with embellishments that echo your theme to really set the tone of your party. For example: a cocktail party could involve chandelier props and candles. Lighting is also key, so ensure that you provide lighting that sets the atmosphere for you and your guests to mingle about.

  6.  Guest List and Invites

It’s now the time to send out invites to your guests. Devise the number of people you want to invite and begin the process of RSVP-ing. The best time to send out invitations are 3-6 weeks in the lead up to the event. This will give you sufficient time to prepare for the party and also for your guests’ to plan their availability, outfit etc. 

  7.  Music

Get the party started with a music playlist. Compile a great selection of songs you and your guests can tap your feet to. The great thing about a music playlist, is it gives you the ease of mind to focus on entertaining and let the music do its thing during the party. You can also go the extra mile and hire a DJ to do all the music for you and dance the night away.

   8.  Food

What better way to treat your guests to good food. At Fig & Lime Catering we offer an array of dishes you and your guests can indulge in to have a great time. Have a look at our menu and select yummy choices from a range of dishes we have carefully hand-selected to ensure that you and your guests taste buds are happy.

   9.  Planning the Menu

We are always on hand to help you plan the menu for your party. Depending on the kind of food you would like to serve, we can tailor the menu according to your taste. The two packages (Package A or B) we offer, enable you the flexibility to provide your guests with food that works for the type of party and within the budget you have set. Contact us to discuss food arrangements and we can help you plan dishes to cater for your party.

10.  Have Fun!

It’s all about having fun! Make sure that throughout your party planning process you enjoy it and have plenty of fun. There is nothing better than to kick back and enjoy the amazing soiree you have planned, with your family and friends.

And there you have it, our 10 top tips to plan a party – we hope these will prove very useful in planning for your next party.


-Chelsea x

Happy Birthday Sarah!

We were very privileged to cater for Sarah’s surprise 30th birthday party on the 4th of August.

The 20’s themed flapper party was filled with joy and amazing family and friends who helped Sarah to make it a special night.

Guests enjoyed canapés of: Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs, Chicken Sate, Peking Duck, Fish Cakes and mini boxes of Pad Sew Ew noodles.

A special thank you to Sarah’s husband Sean and family who organised this wonderful event. 

The night could not have been more better!

– Chelsea x