‘Tis the season to party

With the festive season right around the corner, what better time than now to begin party planning. Whether it be for a iChristmas party or end of the year ‘do’ you’ll want to explore a range of options to make it fun along the way.

Party planning needn’t be stressful. By staying organised and starting early, you’re able to create, host and set an experience most memorable for your guests. Here are some tips to help you on your way to entertain with ease.

1.  The guest list is key. Start by gathering a list of names and set the RSVP date  Dietary requirements are a must these days with vegetarian and gluten free being the two most common in crowds. We have a range of items in our menus that cater for allergies or intolerances, as you’ll want to make sure your guests are able to enjoy the food and have a great time!

2. Choosing the perfect location can have a great impact on the theme of your event. Your venue is a blank canvas when it comes to creating the perfect layout. Keep it simple with one centralised theme and work around it. Highlight colour schemes or follow one focal feature that will tie in the party together.

3. Food matters, as with any type of party, you will want to fill your guests with delicious food that looks just as well. Selecting your menu whether it be a cocktail party with staff on hand or simply a drop-off for your guests to help themselves to, the possibilities are endless. Check out our menu options available here

Ryan Cowie Benefit Night

Fig and Lime Ryan Cowie

A great night, for a great cause. We were privileged to cater for an event that would make a difference to the lives of the Cowie family, particularly for young Ryan. An outpouring of support came from members of Hope Church 2508 and the extended community, as many gathered to raise funds and celebrate the life of dearly beloved Cat Cowie.

Guests enjoyed a full three-course Canapé meal, ranging from our Package B and new Dessert selections. Rest assured, every guest left with satisfied bellies as we had plenty of food on hand.

We would like to thank Pastor Lionel & Briga Rattenbury and their team who poured tirelessly into making this event happen. The atmosphere of the night was a reflection on the kind and giving spirit of the community. We feel genuinely blessed to have been a part of this.


Ps. Lionel & Briga Rattenbury







Fig & Lime Catering to the Shire

Fig & Lime Catering services extend to the wider regions of Sydney. No two events are ever the same, hence why we deliver our excellent service to tailor for your taste and requests. Fig & Lime catering services extends to vast regions of Southern Sydney. We are excited to offer our services to the Sutherland Shire. Be rest assured knowing that catering is a breeze when we’re there, so you can enjoy your party and Fig & Lime Catering can take care of the food.

Our two packages, Package A & B offer an array of catering styles to suit any party.  Fig & Lime Catering’s Cooked-to-Order option is perfect for your guests to choose from our yummy selections. Secondly, our On-Site Catering package sees the Fig & Lime Catering team to prepare and serve food on the premises of your choice.

Happy Birthday Sonia!

It was a delight to cater for Sonia’s big birthday bash on Saturday evening. A milestone birthday celebration that was truly the picture of happiness and fun. Party guests mingled and danced away in their costume attire as they blended in with the dress-up party theme. They also indulged on dishes from our Package B – Menu 1 range with: Vegetarian Curry Puffs, Fish Cakes, Lamb Kofta Meat Balls, Prawn Hargow Dumplings, Peking Duck Rolls and also Chicken Basil Stir Fry served in our mini noodle boxes. Pleased to say everyone had a good night and enjoyed the food!


“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”


When summer is here, you’re bound to go to a few parties. As daylight extends to the later hours of the day, we can revel in these moments with our cherished friends and families to commemorate time together for Christmas and other special occasions that arise. Christmas is the time to be merry, and end a great year on a high note.

Our cooked-to-order package offer dishes that can be delivered right to your door-step, with meals enjoyed in the comfort of your own home – perfect for gatherings and all sorts of events. Perhaps take a look at our on-site catering service which offers our experienced chef Irwan to prepare delicious dishes at your given venue, a package that exclusively is inclusive of wait-staff. Have a further look on our site today.

You bring the Christmas spirit and we will do the rest. We wish you a lovely and special Christmas. Contact us if you need any catering assistance.

Hope Community Care

Hope Church 2508 Logo

We are proud to support ‘Hope Community Care’, a program started by Hope Church 2508 that serves for the wider Helensburgh community. The aim of this program seeks to enrich the lives of residents of the town and also local organisations by their direct support. One of the many projects ‘Hope Community Care’ has established is their ‘Pantry Club’. For many families that struggle to put food on their table, the ‘Pantry Club’ aids in providing food items more accessibly for them.

Our association with the ‘Pantry Club’ contributes 10% of every Fig & Lime Catering service or event to support their mission.

See how you can also make a difference by visiting their site: Food Pantry

Jason & Odette’s Event

In the light of their house auction success, Jason and Odette threw an intimate party to celebrate with 28 of their closest friends and family on Saturday night. A classy soirée, with drinks and Fig & Lime Catering goodies flowing through, the night was one to remember for all that attended.

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Guests enjoyed a selection of dishes from our Package B menu: Spring Rolls, Money Bags, Chicken Sate, Dumplings, Sang Choi Bao and Lamb Gulai Curry.

We had a blast catering for their event and wish them all the very the best in their future endeavours.

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