“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

By December 15, 2014Catering


When summer is here, you’re bound to go to a few parties. As daylight extends to the later hours of the day, we can revel in these moments with our cherished friends and families to commemorate time together for Christmas and other special occasions that arise. Christmas is the time to be merry, and end a great year on a high note.

Our cooked-to-order package offer dishes that can be delivered right to your door-step, with meals enjoyed in the comfort of your own home – perfect for gatherings and all sorts of events. Perhaps take a look at our on-site catering service which offers our experienced chef Irwan to prepare delicious dishes at your given venue, a package that exclusively is inclusive of wait-staff. Have a further look on our site figandlimecatering.com today.

You bring the Christmas spirit and we will do the rest. We wish you a lovely and special Christmas. Contact us if you need any catering assistance.


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