With the festive season right around the corner, what better time than now to begin party planning. Whether it be for a iChristmas party or end of the year ‘do’ you’ll want to explore a range of options to make it fun along the way.

Party planning needn’t be stressful. By staying organised and starting early, you’re able to create, host and set an experience most memorable for your guests. Here are some tips to help you on your way to entertain with ease.

1.  The guest list is key. Start by gathering a list of names and set the RSVP date  Dietary requirements are a must these days with vegetarian and gluten free being the two most common in crowds. We have a range of items in our menus that cater for allergies or intolerances, as you’ll want to make sure your guests are able to enjoy the food and have a great time!

2. Choosing the perfect location can have a great impact on the theme of your event. Your venue is a blank canvas when it comes to creating the perfect layout. Keep it simple with one centralised theme and work around it. Highlight colour schemes or follow one focal feature that will tie in the party together.

3. Food matters, as with any type of party, you will want to fill your guests with delicious food that looks just as well. Selecting your menu whether it be a cocktail party with staff on hand or simply a drop-off for your guests to help themselves to, the possibilities are endless. Check out our menu options available here


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